SimRacing604 makes some important nnouncements – YouTube

SimRacing604: Important announcements

Mike from SimRacing604 talks about his league, thanking his supporters as well as a bunch of news about this worth following sim racing vlogger. He calls as he sees it.
Raceroom: CUPRA Series 2020 Round 11 Hockenheim 

Raceroom: CUPRA Series 2020 @Hockenheim Highlights

With 7 pole positions and 7 victories, Dávid Nagy has won the title two rounds early in the CUPRA SimRacing Series on Raceroom. But it was not without drama at Round 11 in Hockenheim. How did he pull it off? Watch the highlights!
Video: Even motormouth Jimmy needs practice

Video: Even motormouth Jimmy needs practice

Jimmy Broadbent realises that no practice means no-can-go fast and admits he "Turned Up To A NASCAR Race With Next To No Practice. Here's What Happened. Thanks to Oscar for allowing me to embarass myself."