Introducing… Vladislav Zenkov

Vladislav Zenkov joins the simRACE247 project having impressed team owner Paul Velasco with his raw pace and natural talent on rFactor 2 with the latter beaten on home soil. As outlined by his long list of accolades and titles, Vlad has garnered more than enough experience throughout his career in the sim to help build on the foundations and take simRACE247 to the top. With Vlad, it’s almost as if his primary focus is racing while his free time is kindly donated to his university studies. 

We spoke to the 20-year-old Russian as we look forward to a lengthy partnership together as he gets more involved with the team on iRacing and his activities on rFactor 2.

Date of Birth: 16th March 2000
Nationality: Russian
Based: Rostov-on-Don
Occupation: Student
Other Sports: Too sick for that.
Other Hobbies: History of motorsport, science, watching cartoons, humanities, politics
Favourite Quote: “Winning is one thing, but out of losing, I always learned more.” (c) Niki Lauda
Favourite F1 Driver: Michael Schumacher
Favourite F1 Team: Ferrari
Favourite F1 Car: Ferrari F2004
Favourite non-F1 Car: Porsche 956/962
Favourite Tracks (Up to 3): Monaco Street Circuit, Nordschleife, Imola; all street circuits.

Briefly describe your Sim Racing rig: A chair from the Soviet Union period, Logitech G920 attached to an awkward table with pedals that slide over the floor…

Sim Racing career until now? ToCA Race Driver 3, GTR, GTR2 and F1 Challenge since 5 years old. Online races since 13 years old.

What is your career target in Sim Racing? Discover and achieve the maximum of my abilities.

What do you expect from the team? Make new acquaintances and get help to improve my racing skills.

Real Life Motorsport Experience? Unfortunately, I’m too sick for that.

Real Life & Sim Racing Achievements: Too young for real life achievements; 5-times Formula One Champion on rFactor 1, VRC. One time IndyCar 2018 Champion and Rookie of the Year on rFactor 2 (most important achievement).