Angus Claasen’s Nurburgring Experience

Title: Angus Claasen
Car: Audi R8 LMS GT3
Race : 2020 iRacing Nurby 24H
Started: 32nd
Finished: 18th

 My first stint was during the night. Heading into it I was very nervous and it definitely took 5+ laps to settle in. I started on the back foot making a silly mistake and speeding in the pit lane. After this, I ran well and had a quiet first stint.

I didn’t find the night time more difficult and the car actually handled better due to the colder temperatures. When I jumped in the tyres were already a stint old. I then did a double stint therefore triple stinting them and was surprised to find the tyre degradation wasn’t bad at all.

The second stint I drove was in the morning. I drove well up until the accident consistently lapping between 8:24-8:30. Sadly I had a spin but only lost 6 seconds. For this stint, we had gone from 6 lap stints to 7 lap stints requiring fuel saving. Through a mixture of lift and coast and short shifting we did this with ease and were even able to push for some of the stints. This 14 lap stint was my longest ever block of driving at one time. It was made easier by having a team behind me and over discord but by the end, my concentration was suffering. After the spin I brought the car home and handed it on to Brock.

Highlights? Good fuel saving which allowed us to run 7 laps stints. Using my fuel calculator  I could pace my drive and still be able to push in the latter part of the stint. It was also awesome to be part of a team effort where we all worked for the same goal and helped each other out.

Lowlights? I had an accident after miss, hit, miss where I put the left rear on the grass and spun out. Luckily we didn’t sustain any damage.

Memorable moments? For me it has to be the spin, I have never got such a fright on iRacing.

What did you learn from this race? The main thing I learned was that the Nordschleife is a brutal track and secondly was I improved my fuel-saving techniques.

Suggestions for the team? Just more of the same. I think the event was really well run and we worked well together. I am looking forward to the next event.

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