Kewyn Snyman’s Nurburgring 24 Hour race recap

Driver: Kewyn Snyman
Car: Audi LMS GT3

Team: simRACE247 B team

Race: 2020 iRacing Nurburgring 24h

Start position: P32
Finish position: P18

iRacing endurance racing debut done! Running up to the race, it was stressful, anybody who has driven or ridden Nurburgring at any level, be it on the sim or in real life,  knows the ultimate challenge of completing laps on this circuit. At the beginning it feels like it would be impossible to complete a full lap, then a full stint. But it slowly but surely becomes easier and easier, next thing you realise a lap becomes normal practice and a normal racetrack suddenly feels like a mini lap.

With any endurance race, there are highs and lows and they are normally when you least expect it. The highs for me were definitely feeling like I got a weight off my shoulders. Throughout practice I had so many wrecks and I was getting worried, but throughout my stints I figured out how to calm down, minimise risk and get the laps ticked off. The lows luckily weren’t that low, with 2 or 3 small spins and mistakes, loosing us some unnecessary time – but the loss was minimal, and I know exactly what to do better for the future.

It was a huge advantage actually having the chance to watch the other drivers drive, and see how they extract certain things better from the car and track, and also see areas where they are driving in a much lower risk way, and not loose time… more info added to my book of ideas! A big part of racing which I have never had to consider is fuel saving, it became a thing for me in our race, where we were able to increase our stints by a full lap if we drove conservatively with our fuel and tyres.

I can’t wait for the upcoming endurance races and to continue learning how to drive rear wheel drive cars more efficiently.

I am really proud of what our team achieved, with such a varied driver level and experience, with most of us literally never having done anything similar, we are only going to get better.

simRACE247 is growing and coming in hot to a race near you soon, watch this space.

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