rFactor 2: Real Series Simulation release free Ferrari 488 GTE

Real Series Simulation (not to be confused with RaceSimStudio) have released their first GTE class car with their release today of their Ferrari 488 in the rFactor 2 Workshop and available free on Steam.

The Real Series Simulation have a Patreon account where for a nominal monthly fee from supporters they can keep working on some very interesting mods, to add to their collection that includes their own payware RSS Formula 1 style car, useful for online leagues and championships.

Also free on Steam by Real Series Simulation are the trio of very impressive Daytona Prototypes: Acura ARX05, Mazda RT24P and the Cadillac DPi-VR

First Impressions:

Plug-and-play, superb out the box with acceptable default setup. Immersive sound and very drivable. Has all the hallmarks of a favourite. Not difficult to drive at a gentleman’s pace and a pleasure when finding the sweet spot, drifts and powerslides but believable and saveable! Has hallmarks of a very popular add-on to rF2,


  • 2019 IMSA GTD spec car body with GTE physics package;
  • 10 unique liveries (8 real ones and 2 for RSS);
  • Latest IBL car body shaders;
  • New IBL tires shaders;
  • Ferrari V8 Turbo engine sounds and real samples of shifting;
  • Realistic curbs sound samples;
  • GTE class physics with real aero, engine, gears and suspension data from Le Mans-winning team;
  • Le Mans package;
  • Balanced physics to match S397 GTE class cars;
  • Rain effects for windows, lights glasses and main car body;
  • Exterior lights and position leds for GTE, GTLM and GTD classes;
  • Working interior LCD indicators;
  • Working lights and animated wipers for night and rain races;
  • S397 Latest features (tyre model, force feedback, lens flares).

Links to Ferrari 488 GTE for Factor 2:

We hope you’ll enjoy this car as much as we are! Have a nice day!