Spotlight On: Nick9320 from Real Series Simulation

This week the very impressive Ferrari 488 GTE mod dropped onto Steam for Factor 2 and it is one of those cars that make you sit up and take note, indeed we did and decided to track down Nick9320 and popped him our first Q&A for this “Spotlight-On” series of features on sim racing personalities.

Nick, a 26-year-old programmer from Saint-Petersburg, Russia is clearly passionate about his hobby that has spawned Real Series Simulation as a platform to create and develop great sim racing cars while allowing young talented artists and authors to gain valuable experience doing what they love.

How did your interest in real racing start?
Nick: From when I was young I played computer games and listened our local sports channel. Then I saw an F1 race, honestly don’t remember when it was, maybe 2005 year or 2006 and since that all my thoughts was about F1 and racing. I found in a F1 game you could edit drivers and team names so there was Schumacher and Massa in Ferrari, Barrichello and Button in Honda and Webber and Rosberg in Williams behind the early nineties F1 cars. That was real fun!

What real racing series do you follow?
Nick. I watch F1 races and also MotoGP. IMSA and 24h Le Mans every year.

When and how did your interest in simming begin?
Nick. It was summer of 2010, I’m had returned to watching F1 again after three years absence and 2010 was my first year when I watched every race of the season. And once I found the cool F1 Challenge 99-02 game with F1 2010 mod by PMT, I fell in love with this mod and this sim, and since this racing sims take a big part of my life over the years.

And modding?
Nick. Also in 2010, I started to make skins for helmets. I found rFactor with a 2010 F1 mod by Italian developers, followed by 2008 and 2009 mods by FSOne. I found the 2010 mod by WCP and it was my favourite for a long time! Since then I decide this is what I want to do: be a modder.

What mods have you built?
Nick. Since 2012 I have been making my own mods. I started from Codies [Codemasters] conversions: F1 RMT 2011, F1 RMT 2001, F1 RMT 2012 and F1 RMT 2010. After that, I founded Real Series Simulation group (RSS) which you can see today. With various people we made F1 RSS 2013, F1 RSS 2014, F1 RSS 2015, RSS F1 2016 for AMS, some conversions for AMS from Real Racing 3 (Holden Commodore, IMSA DPi Cadillac and Mazda), now I have been working on Factor 2: DPi cars Mazda, Cadillac and Acura, 911 GT3 RS, Honda S2000. Our latest project – Ferrari 488 GTE.

How do you arrange for a license from manufacturers?
Nick. We don’t have any licenses for our cars because our work is free for users to download, we don’t focus on brands. Our mods are creating the best possible sim experience which we can make ourselves.

What plans do you have for the future?
Nick: I want to grow the Patreon community and make many cars for rFactor 2, cooperate with other developers and modding teams. The goal is to create our own website for rFactor 2 log analyzer and ratings.

Tell us more about your Patreon project…
Nick. Our Patreon project is about making beautiful and fast cars for the most believable sim racing and online experience. We also support young developers and artists, allowing them to grow and develop their skills, work as a team and share it with our community. The Patreon channel helps.

Your message to the sim racing community…
Nick. No matter what people think about modding, it should be remembered that the history of sim racing is about the majority of your favourite game developers – from Kunos, Reiza, Studio 397 and many others – all started with free modding! So those who have contempt for us who do this for passion, work day and night to deliver for sim racing, think twice and remember that maybe someone from Real Series Simulation will end up in a big studio. Rather than criticise provide encouragement because this is how it all begins.
At the same time, I never forget people who have supported me and my team over the years. Because of this, at the moment, we are full of motivation to bring quality content for our community from now and into the future.

The Real Series Simulation Ferrari 488 GTE and the IMSA DPi mod are available through Steam with the RSS Patreon Modding Workspace by Nick9320 with all the news, update and how to get involved and inspire this worthy project.