F1 2020’s TV Advert: Let’s Race Together

F1 2020 TV advert has been made public ahead of the game’s release on 10 July, also revealing some more (text) details of what to expect from the next edition of the official F1 game from Codemasters.

Let’s Race Together… it’s time to take a look at F1 2020’s TV advert. There’s a lot to cover in a short space of time, so strap yourselves in, we’re about to go on a ride!

My Team

Be the 11th team on the grid with F1 2020’s My Team. Create your F1® team with your own colour scheme, logo and sponsors, and choose a teammate using the comprehensive driver rating system. Manage your team’s facilities, resources and time and make sure your staff are properly motivated. Drive the car you’ve developed throughout the season and take your place as the 11th team on the grid. Win the World Championship, using the acclaim you’ve built up to upgrade your facilities, and research the key developments needed to give you the edge.

Deluxe Schumacher Edition

Drive as the legendary Michael Schumacher in four of his most iconic cars – 1991: Jordan 191, 1994: Benetton B194, 1995: Benetton B195 and 2000: Ferrari F1-2000. You’ll also receive exclusive content including themed car liveries and driver customisation items, including a unique podium celebration.