Codemasters do something! F1 2020 multiplayer cheats revealed

Earlier today, we reported on a fresh wave of cheat engines that have taken hold of the newly released F1 2020 game. Now, it has come to light that these cheats can, in fact, be used online and in multiplayer racing.

Initially, it was thought that the cheat engines that we had reported on were exclusive to the My Team element of F1 2020 – a new singleplayer game mode where players create and manage their own F1 team. In actuality, we have now learned that cheaters have managed to make their tools work online.

With thanks to information and footage sent in by a reader, we now know that the game’s Time Trial and online lobbies have been exposed to a particular tyre grip multiplier hack.

This first clip demonstrates that perfectly. The hacker takes to a wet Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in time trial with the Mercedes. After equipping a user setup, ‘berrinha’ proceeds to narrowly shoot to the top of the leaderboard.

Screenshot taken from the above video shows the state of the time trial leaderboard.

Now, the fact that berrinha only narrowly beats the next two closest users with their 1:19.589 may make it seem like the effort was legit. I urge you to take a closer look at the footage.

The driver has absolutely no issue with traction in and out of the corners and nails every braking zone. With thanks to modified tyre grip, our three or four cheaters have smashed the legitimate lap times by three seconds.

Cheating in time trial isn’t new to the Codemaster’s F1 games. One commenter noted that this has been commonplace since at least 2016. Certain drivers hold records across the board – Some a number of seconds ahead of the nearest eSports racers.

Unfortunately for Codemasters, it doesn’t stop there. In addition, the same user demonstrates that the cheat in multiplayer usage.

Again, we see the same ultra-tyre grip cheat being utilised. The tool allows the user to get an insurmountable launch off the grid and supreme cornering speed and traction.

It is not clear whether the cheat-engine used is the same as the two we reported on earlier, but the features are certainly similar. If it turns out to be the same exploit, it will be possible that users will be able to use unlimited ERS, modify engine power and manipulate car temperatures.

In light of this discovery, it is clear that Codemasters must do more to defend against exploits and cheat engines. If players want to shortcut their way through singleplayer campaigns, that is their choice. But by bringing, and even encouraging, cheating online the situation becomes a lot more serious.

Over the past couple of years, the F1 title has ingrained itself in the eSports scene. Each F1 team has their own affiliation with sim racing teams and drivers with big money competitions broadcast globally.

When there is money and prizes on the line, individuals will use their own malicious intent to game the system and run away with what’s up for grabs.

We are now awaiting a response from Codemasters who we have asked to keep us updated with their probe into this cheating spate. It is only right that those who shell out for the new game year after year are given the transparency that is deserved and necessary.


Where it gets tricky is when there may be pro-drivers and simmers using these cheats in subtle ways, just enough to stay under the radar. Eventually, they will be caught if they are in the spotlight too much.
However, it opens the door to even hobby drivers using the exploits to further their virtual driving misadventures. All it takes is 1% more power and 1% more grip and who will notice? Most likely, only the driver using the hack.
Thank you all for your contributions and tip-offs, please keep them coming as this a pandemic that threatens the core of sim racing which we are on an crusade to expose and see where it ends up…

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