Assetto Corsa: Is the Ferrari F2004 sim racing’s finest car?

Despite its age, Assetto Corsa by the original Kunos continues to be a trend-setting sim title, increasingly the platform of choice for modders it also features some excellent vanilla DLC content as Danny Lee reveals in this video.

He takes a look at the iconic Ferrari F2004 so faithfully recreated by Kunos for AC and says this in the intro to the video: “Just when I thought the F1 2017 from Kunos Simulazioni’s Assetto Corsa was the high point of faithful recreation of the real thing, along comes what everyone must surely agree, whether it’s your kind of thing or not, is the finest product of passion, the Ferrari F2004.

“Being as this was the car in which Michael Schumacher took his last his Formula 1, it makes sense to fling it round the Nurburgring Grand Prix track which features the Schumacher Esses.”