Sol for Assetto Corsa updated

Asetto Corsa’s favourite graphics mod has been updated with Sol being pushed into its final release.

Sol has long been the leader amongst Assetto’s graphical enhancement mods, featuring brilliant shaders and impressive weather presets.

The creator, Adam, says that it’s the graphics that can turn a good sim into a great sim. The product of months of work is Sol Enhanced.

“Sol Enhanced is an attempt to create photorealistic lighting behaviour and colour reproduction using the incredible power of the Sol + CSP mods. I want to be able to load up any time of day and type of weather and not be able to distinguish the game from real life, without affecting performance too much. This is possible through colour correction, exposure, RBG levels, gamma and contrast values, which have almost no affect on performance.

“Because this is a specifically realistic focused mod, there is no vignette, chromatic aberration, excessive bloom, over contrasted or oversaturated effects. I specifically want to simulate what the eye sees and how it sees it on a second to second basis.

You can get Sol Enhanced here, where Adam also explains the install process and a bit more detail of the mod itself.

But he is right. Graphics, although not the biggest influence of immersion still play a huge part in making a game that little bit more convincing. The real cherry on the top, that chef’s kiss that seals the deal. Not convinced? Download it, install it and give it a shot. Then you’ll see what I’m on about…


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