Try this cheap G29 loadcell alternative!

One of the biggest improvements you can make to your sim rig is upgrading your pedals. But a cheap solution is tough to come by.

Danny Lee thinks he’s found a solution by creating a “loadcell” out of an eraser, but does it really work?

“Before I eventually upgraded to Fanatec kit, I did everything I could to improve my performances in leagues in iRacing,” Danny explains.

“I can say for definite that this little mod really did make braking easier once I got used to the feel and I found myself holding onto places, messing up less and finishing higher.

“It still can’t stand up to a proper load cell setup but that’s not the point – if it’s better, it’s better and it’s cost you virtually nothing but a bit of time. ”

Lee reminds anyone that gives the mod to proceed with care, and he cannot take any responsibility for damage caused.

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