F1 2020 Podium Pass Season 2 – What’s new?

F1 2020’s Podium Pass Season 2 is now here, bringing further customisation elements, challenges and more.

The new season comes two months after the release of the F1 2020 game. The Podium Pass rewarded drivers for playing the game, earning XP to level up and unlock new liveries, helmets, suits and celebrations as they progress.

The Podium Pass comes in two tiers – a standard tier and a VIP tier. For 9,000 credits, you can unlock even more items with the VIP pass as you progress.

THe new season brings new podium emotes, driver customisation and liveries for use in MyTeam and online including exclusive #WeRaceAsOne and End Racism gear.

F12020 Podium Pass Series2 14 HD

F1 2020 end racism

The new season also brings in new challenges with the daily, weekly and series events in which the player can earn further XP on top of what they earn from just racing.

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