iRacing: Season 4 Patch 2 release notes

iRacing have brought a second patch to the new Season 4, laying focus on setups for this season, changes to the membersite and a few tracks.

Here’s all we know following the release of the patch notes:


– The query for the last ten races on a user’s profile has been updated to pull aggregate Championship Points for Heat Races.

– A direct link has been added to take a user between their My Cars and My Tracks pages.

– The Help & Support button on the Membersite homepage now links to the Documents and Tools page.
– – A variety of the resources here are excellent self-help resources.

– A large button has been added at the top of the Documents and Tools page that takes a user to the iRacing Support Homepage.
– – Navigate here for even more self-help tools, FAQs, and to directly contact Customer Support.


Purchase Discount

– We have updated our method for calculating the application of the 20% Off – 40+ Pieces Club for our Members.
– – As of last week, this discount is automatically applied to your Cart if your account owns 40 or more full-price pieces of content. This includes cars and tracks that you may have purchased at full price, only to later have them become part of the iRacing default content.


– Fixed an issue with flickering particle effects, such as smoke and dirt, in car mirrors.

Visual Effects

– Tire smoke has been updated.

– Fixed an issue where dust puffs were spinning rapidly.


– For the Camera Tool, the camera select macro now switches to your own car using the command /-4/<enter> typed out on the number pad.


– Fixed a crashing issue that could occur when moving the play-head around rapidly in the Replay.


– Support for the XBox One Elite controller series 2 in wireless mode has been added.


Dallara IR18

– New iRacing Setups have been added for Phoenix Raceway.

Ford Fiesta RS WRC

– Yokohama branding has been added to tire sidewalls.

McLaren MP4-30

– iRacing Season setups have been updated.

– Significantly increased wear rate for all tire compound types.

NASCAR Cup Series Chevrolet Camaro ZL1

– iRacing Season setups have been updated.

NASCAR Cup Series Ford Mustang

– iRacing Season setups have been updated.

NASCAR Cup Series Toyota Camry

– iRacing Season setups have been updated.

Subaru WRX STI

– Yokohama branding has been added to tire sidewalls.

Super Late Model

– An updated tire archetype has been applied to this vehicle!

– Vehicle physics have been updated.

– iRacing Season setups have been updated.

USF 2000

– Fixed an issue where customized wheel rim color was not displaying correctly.

– Fixed an issue where rotor glow was not appearing correctly.

VW Beetle

– Yokohama branding has been added to tire sidewalls.


Charlotte Motor Speedway

– Pit out light position has been adjusted.

Lånkebanen (Hell RX)

– Norwegian PA announcements have been added to this track.

Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway

– Fixed an issue where the front stretch of pit wall would be invisible on Low Detail settings.


– Fixed an issue where some fans would be visible while the grandstand in which they were seated was invisible on some Detail settings.

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