SimRacing604: Incredible Legends V3 Assetto Corsa mod

Introducing the fully overhauled AC Legends mod, bringing it up to 2020 standards utilizing the latest features of Ilja’s Shader’s Patch.

DrDoomslab ‘remastered’ all the models, with new shaders, high(er) res cockpits, refracting headlights and wipers, enabling 24 hour (wet) races 😊

Besides that many cars got new/ overhauled 4k skins from Ben Nash, complemented by some of the finest skins from the RD community.

To further improve multiplayer /VR racing all cars got proper custom handmade LoD’s and 3d colliders, made by Norms. Offline racing should also be improved as the AI behaves pretty decent as well, on a more than decent pace.

On the physics department all suspensions have been rebuilt from scratch and a new tyre for all cars, resulting in more road and tyre feel.

Two extra cars were added, a 1973 Porsche RSR (Original 2.8 retrofitted with a 3.0 engine) and the Broadspeed Jaguar.

Besides that we got Permission from Pessio to use his Pantera Gr 4 model in our pack. (note: in the final release version the kn5 files will not be included, one needs to download Pessio’s mod first, the same way as the 1974 has to be installed, (all explained in the attached release notes)). In this (non-public) RC1 versions, the model files are already included for ease of use.

WIthin a couple of months the pack will be extended by a GTC 60’s add on pack, bringing all the legendary GT cars of the 60’s in a challenging race class.”

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