KenRacing: The King of GT3? Automobilista 2 or rFactor 2?

KenRacing asks the question: “Automobilista 2 vs rFactor 2 Which Title Is The King Of Offering Better GT3 Experience?”

With Reiza’s latest update for AMS2, the community got their first big brand GT3 cars with 2015 Mercedes AMG GT3, 2016 Porsche 911 GT3-R and 2019 McLaren 720S GT3 available on Steam for the past week.

The first batch of GT3 cars impressed out of the box, there is work to be done on AI and physics tweaking as well as BoP. But it looks great, and ticks all the boxes in terms of feel and immersion.

In the other corner there is the benchmark and, in terms of physics, the most believable virtual driving experience with Studio 397 churning out some impressive vanilla content, backed by a proactive modding community dishing out top-shelf sim racing experiences. But ghastly UI and an always-in-beta feel to the thing undersells it massively.

In this video, Ken compares the two platforms and their GT3 offerings.