Random Callsign: GT Omega Prime Cockpit review

Random Callsign says in the intro to this video: “GT Omega just releases for pre-order their new Prime cockpit. It’s an extruded aluminium one, their first attempt at this market. Stick around to check it out.”

The GT Omega Prime Cockpit starts at €669,95 with no seat and from €799,95 with a seat.


The GT Omega PRIME Cockpit is our newest and best racing simulator.

This modular, aluminium profile racing cockpit features unbeatable levels of adjustability making it adaptable for drivers of all sizes. With new attachments and upgrades being developed to meet the expanding requirements of the Simracing community, the GT Omega PRIME Cockpit is ready for any future upgrades.

Strength and stability are a key focus of the design. Force feedback no longer causes flex or instability. Instead, it resonates and distributes throughout the frame breathing new life into your driving experience.

With or without one of the GT Omega Racing Seats, the GT Omega PRIME Cockpit offers unmatched value for money for anyone who is looking to get the most out of their rig.