Zach Baird: RaceRoom Ranked Audi @Laguna Seca

Zach Baird continues his RaceRoom multiplayer adventures in POV driving the Audi at virtual Laguna Seca in a ranked race.

He says in the intro:

This will be part 1 of a 2 part series at the 2020 spec Laguna Seca. I may have a third video splashed into this weeks schedule, but it may end up being pushed to next week.

In this video, I qualify in P3, but ultimately lose a spot in the end. However, my best racing doesn’t start until the bad spin in lap 4. I drop back to P6, but I cleanly pass two other drivers, set the fastest lap, and ALMOST take P3 in the last lap.

If there were to have been another lap, I would have taken P3, no doubt…