Chris Haye: Real Race Car Pedals for Sim Racing?

Chris Haye tests the super high-end ultra-realistic pedal set for simracing that you can gran b for €1,205.95 including VAT. Nice if you can afford it at the price of three Logitech G29s including wheel!

This is what the intro says:

OBP Motorsport have been supplying real-world race teams with pedal boxes since 2007, manufactured here in Britain. This is their Sim Racing offering the OBP eSports Pro-Race V2 Pedals, which are derived from their real-world V2 pedal box.

This is what it says on the box:

The OBP E-Sports Pro-Race V2 Hydraulic Pedal System will take your sim racing experience to another level.

Taking their knowledge and expertise of creating race winning real-world motorsport pedal boxes, OBP are now transferring this experience over to the world of simracing with their E-Sports Pro-Race V2 hydraulic pedals.

  • 10,000 Psi pressure sensor
  • Aircraft-grade T6061 aluminium pedals
  • Mild steel cradle construction
  • OBP Motorsport alloy master cylinders
  • Adjustable pedal ratios
  • Ergonomic pedal pad adjustment for heel and toe
  • Adjustable accelerator return
  • All 3 pedals pivot on oil impregnated zero maintenance bearings

Constructed from aircraft-grade T6061 aluminium pedals and mild steel cradle, these pedals offer adjustable pedal ratios, accelerator return and multiple pedal pad adjustments just like a real pedal box.

Providing incredible feel and feedback for the driver, these pedals offer a braking sensation that is as close to real-life as you can get.

Available in a choice of colours, silver or black. The PC control board allows for high-level resolution input featuring a 1000Hz response time which will eliminate any latency in pedal travel from the signal from the pedals to the computer.

Kit contains: 1x OBP E-Sports Pro-Race V2 pedal assembly, 1x slave cylinder carrier and drip tray, 2x master cylinders, 2x slave cylinders, 4x high-quality spring rubber, 1x st/st braided hose set, 1x pressure sensor and adaptor, USB kit and 1x PC control board and case