Jardier: Huge step for me new Direct Drive wheel!

Christmas has come early for Jardier as he switches over to a Direct Drive Wheel – Fanatec DD1 – and this is his unboxing of the big moment.

He says in the intro: “Huge step for me – after 15 years of simracing I went over to the Direct Drive wheel! Thank you guys! :)”

This is what Fanatec say of the DD1-wheel Jardier is now a proud owner of:

The Direct-Drive Revolution

In the late 90s, force feedback technology changed the world of sim racing completely. Now we welcome the Direct Drive era, taking force feedback realism to the next level.

Podium wheel bases use an outrunner-type motor engineered from the ground up specifically for sim racing. Instead of using a random industrial motor, our custom motors are tailored without compromise for sim racing.

This heavy piece of solid metal is engineered with German precision and built to last for many years. This is the last wheelbase you’ll ever need!

The endless rotation of our direct drive motor inspired the development of a unique solution to transfer data and power to the wheel inputs and displays wirelessly. This means no USB cables are flying around which can easily get damaged and make it difficult to let the wheel spin in a drift.

The Podium DD1 is the first plug-and-play direct drive wheelbase, featuring integrated electronics within the main housing. It’s as easy to set up as our CSL and ClubSport series products. Rigorous EMI and ESD testing ensures stability and longevity.

Not only is the Podium DD1 fully compatible with the existing Fanatec ecosystem, it’s also prepped for future upgrades.

At the front of the housing sits an OLED display. This provides endless opportunities not only for tuning your wheel base, but also includes features for advanced users, displaying real-time motor and force feedback data. Check the temperatures, torque curves, and avoid force feedback clipping. Too complicated? Just enjoy the graphics.

Our proven automotive grade QR has been upgraded with a new locking system, retaining compatibility with all existing Fanatec steering wheels, while also being completely interchangeable. All-new wheel bases and steering wheels will have changeable quick releases; in the future you will have the option to upgrade to a new QR system.