GamerMuscle: Are Fanboys Making Racing Simulators Worse?

Fanboys in sport and gaming are like trolls, no need to feed them other than agree that they are detrimental to a sport and tend to be the vocal minority with small balls and only battles they have ever fought are in keyboards.

Too often officialdom listens to this fringe minority their detriment, which at the same time inflames their influence disproportionately as they speak for themselves and their clique but not for the silent majority as is too often presumed.

GamerMuscle tackles the scourge and says in the intro: “Fanboys are drowning out valid suggestions and criticisms of racing titles, in this public service announcement I kindly ask that all fanboys jump out of a plane door at cruising altitude. Be them fans of iRacing, Assetto Corsa Competizione, RaceRoom, Automobilista 2, or any sim/game for that matter.”

Harsh words indeed, but we on this site back his views on the vermin.