Random Callsign: Simétik K2R Absolutely Brilliant

Random Callsign tries out the very cool looking Simétik K2-R cockpit for sim racers, which at €405.00 Excl. Vat is extremely competitive in terms of bang-for-buck.

He says in the intro: “If you are looking for a simracing cockpit, the Simétik K2-R might an option to look for. While not on aluminium profiles it has a lot going for it.”

Simétik K2-R Information:

  • Cockpit K2-R, it’s a high stability and rigid frame which mimetic a real GT racing car driving position.
    *Doesn’t include seat, pedals or steering wheel, or any other accessories.
  • Available in two colors: Black or White


  • Steering wheel – Inclination, height and depth.
  • Pedals – Inclination, distance and 2 height positions.
  • Length: 3 possibilities to assemble the rear to the front part of the frame to allow people from 1,35m /4,4ft up to 1,95m/6,4ft. (these dimensions could change with different seat manufacturers).
  • Seat Mounting: Several hole pattern to fix your seat. Fasteners included.

Compatible with:

  • Logitech G25/G27/G29, Thrustmaster T500RS/T300, Fanatec Clubsport, Podium series, CSL Elite (pedals and wheels), Universal fixation, etc.