CMS Presents: Isle of Man Time Attack with Prizes!

Isle of Man rFactor 2 Time Trials

Champion Motorsports have launched a superb initiative for rFactor 2 drivers with a Time-Attack competition on the splendid virtual version of the Isle of Man Circuit that has been so meticulously transformed to pixels

The track is a labour of love by Jim Pearson converted by S.Victor and Corti into a masterpiece that is now in the spotlight with this contest which is a Christmas season challenge which should appeal to sim racers beyond rFactor 2 and tempt them to try the title.

We applaud this initiative and will give it all the media support we can because this is exactly what lively communities such as iRacing and RaceRoom have had since the beginning of their journeys and will benefit the rFactor 2 community and perhaps attract more drivers to the always-in-beta Studio-397 title.

Additionally, the 55+ class for older sim racers, or seniors, is a welcome drive to keep the older generation of simmers relevant during a boom of young blood that may have marginalised many.

This is what CMS have to say of their challenge:

Isle of Man Time Attack Competition

With the completion of the regular racing series for 2020 and a pause while the preparations are completed to kick off the 2021 NARS season, what would be better than having a special event?

NARS is very proud to present on behalf of Champion Motorsports a special, December-long special event that is sure to provide an outstanding challenge for sim racers of all abilities with the chance to pit themselves against a truly unique track, some super fun cars, the relentless honesty of the timeclock and of course, themselves!

We’re going to go ‘way, ‘way, ‘WAY outside of our normal race offering and heading to the Isle of Man and the (in)famous Manx Mountain course.

AND, rather than a traditional race or heat format, we’re going time trialling for the entire month!

AND to make it just that little bit more exciting again, there is some EXTRA incentive to getting your best lap on record: David Anderson, head of CMS has confirmed that there will be prizes to the drivers with the fastest laps in each class as well as to some lucky event participants through a random draw.

So, cinch down your harness, sharpen your reflexes, and let’s go!

The Track

The Isle of Man hosted its first race in 1907 which was 10 laps of a 15-mile circuit. In 1911, the race transferred to a mammoth 60 km circuit with several individual class races held consecutively, with gaps of several years due to the two World Wars.

From 1946 onwards, the racing continued to expand with additional classes and assignment of World Championship status for a period of time, though significant safety concerns drove a boycott of the race by teams and manufacturers in 1976.

Safety issues addressed, the circuit remains a feature in the British Championship series and continues to thrill and excite racers and spectators alike through to today. Infamously recognized as one of the most dangerous racing venues in the world, the circuit has claimed the lives of over 250 racers since 1907.

The Isle of Man time trial (TT) track map showing each section.

The Isle of Man Time Trial track

More info on the Isle of Man Challenge here>>>

The Cars

Citroën DS3 (FWD)

Citroën DS3 (FWD)

Ford Fiesta (FWD)

Ford Fiesta (FWD)

Mini Cooper WRC (FWD)

Mini Cooper WRC (FWD)

Peugeot 307 (FWD)

Peugeot 307 (FWD)

Subaru Impreza N12 (RWD)

Subaru Impreza N12 (RWD)

Subaru Impreza WRC (RWD)

Subaru Impreza WRC (RWD)

Racing Classes

Racing will be in three classes:

  • WRC
  • WRC2
  • SENIORS (either class of car)

Seniors are participants aged 55 or older at the start of the event. There will be a separate sign up required for those participants who wish to compete in this class. See the details below.

The race server name will be “CMS Isle of Man TT”

Full details about the Isle of Man Hot Lap Challenge by CMS here>>>