CMS: rFactor 2 League Racing on Thursdays and Saturdays

Join  CMS – Championship Motorsports – for incredible multi-class, Pro/Am, short-format endurance racing in the NARS series. with live weather, big grids and close competition regardless of skill level.

Spend time with one of the most open and accessible sim communities in the world for some great virtual racing action. And if you’re ready for the big show, come race Saturday in the US/Euro-friendly timeframe of the VWSC series.

CMS Series Information:

  • Discord Channel here>>> See #league-info for further instructions

VWSC Series rFactor 2

The Inaugural VWSC Series weekend endurance racing returns to Champion Motorsports with the announcement of the VWSC! Reprising the popular CMS weekend racing series of the mid-2010s better known as the WRS, the new VWSC introduces rFactor 2 cars and tracks not previously run in the WRS.

NARS rFactor 2

NARS rFactor 2 on Thursday nights is back for the 2020 Autumn Series! There will be two series running on alternate weeks! Read all the details here!