F1 2020: Now available 2020 Formula 2 season!

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It has been a great Formula 2 season in real life, son of Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher – Mick Schumacher – was crowned the feeder series 2020 Champion at Skahir last weekend.

Now you can go wheel-to-wheel with the virtual version of the F1-bound German and his rivals of this F2 2020 season on the F1 2020 game.

Codemasters announced:

From today, you’ll be able to get your hands on the F2 2020 line up including all the teams, cars and drivers as part of our free update to F1 2020 by Codemasters.

You can check out the full notes to patch 1.14 here, or you can read more about today’s update below:

F2 is the training ground for F1, with many drivers including Lewis Hamilton, Charles Leclerc, George Russell, and of course, most recently Mick Schumacher, winning the championship before graduating into the pinnacle of motorsport.

It’s also a spec series, which means that by-and-large, the cars are the same, and the emphasis is on the driver to make the difference on race day.

If you haven’t taken the 2019 F2 cars out in F1 2020, now’s the perfect time to try out the original F2 2020 calendar, with 12 weekends of two races each: the Feature race, which has a similar format to an F1 race, and the Sprint race, where the top eight positions are reversed and start from the back in a shorter race.

The cars are also a little bit different from an F1® car. They have less downforce and no power steering, so if you haven’t taken any of the F2™ cars out yet, you’ll need to brake a lot earlier and be more cautious into the corners.

Take them for a spin in Driver Career, Time Trial and Multiplayer – you can check out our brand new screenshots of some of the F2™ teams below, but we’d love to see your pictures of them in action!

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