Driver61: World’s Fastest Gamer vs Normal Guy

Scott Mansell aka Driver61 brings a fantastic video of World’s fastest Gamer James Baldwin vs “a normal guy”

Driver61 is a name that so many people know throughout the sim racing world as someone that brings knowledge from the real race track to the sim racing genre.

This time Scott brings James Baldwin aka the worlds fastest Gamer and race driver for Jenson Button’s GT3 Team in for a challenge.

His challenger is Callum who works for the Driver61 team and regards himself as a casual console racer, with that said the challenge is at Spa…. but there is a caveat.
Callum gets to race on the £10,000 Driver61 sim setup that is quoted by Scott as “The wheel and pedals feel better than some of the real world race cars i have driven”.

James on the other hand gets to race on a £200 setup that has been well used, worn and not much going for it in terms of detail and precision.

Lets see how they get on in this fun video.