Video: iRacing with SA Sports & GT Masters

It was ill-timing for me when Mike Verrier offered me a place on the grid in the SA Sports & GT Masters iRacing series held every Wednesday night.

The reason being, that after my return to iRacing last year, the level of driving and absence of sportsmanship on the service is so bad that within a week I was rammed so much that I dropped like a stone from being a B-driver to a C-driver. So I quit iRacing yet again.

But when an offer to race with some of the who-is-who of South African motorsport – including multiple Champion Johan Fourie among some big names – was put in front of me, I simply could not resist.

As a result, I have paid my entry fee and committed to this series because, in the end, good online racing is what I seek. Even if the pings are bad, the spirit and willingness is there.

So I have decided to go all-in, train hard, when time permits, and aim for a regular top ten in series for drivers over-40.

The bonus is that I – a simmer since the mid-nineties with GP2 by Geoff Crammond and all F1 sims since then; the Papyrus gems Grand Prix legends, Indycar Racing 2, Nascar 2003, FIA GT etc- while my rivals, in the virtual world, are seasoned veterans of motor racing.

Thus, finally, the two meet as sim racing has boomed since the lockdown and racers have realised that while simming is not motorsport, it is racing. I could have told you that back in 1995!

This is the tale of my second race with the SA Sports & GT Masters, driving GTEs at Circuit Villeneuve; I opted for the Corvette C8.R which I bought for the occasion.

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