Assetto Corsa Sol 2.0 Mod Custom Shader Patch WeatherFX

Many in the community swear that Assetto Corsa is the greatest sim, Sol mod raised the bar. Now we take a look at Custom Shader Patch weatherFX. Ermin Hamidovic puts it to the test.

Assetto Corsa has so much love from the community, from the drifters, to the racers , the artists and the mods. And that is where this sim really takes off. It is those people in the community that have taken this sim to another level.

The commitment that the Assetto Corsa community has shown to this sim really is something special.. and it does not stop. Sol 2.0, Custom Shader Patch WeatherFX takes that to another level….to the point it is Photorealistic.

With a few notes to add :

Sol – Updates | RaceDepartment

“Sol does not bring rain into AC. CSP is doing this. Actually rainFX is in development.
RainFX previews are available at Ilja Jusupov Patreon account.
Sol 2.0 has an advanced control of rainFX already integrated”.