VNM Shifter a Rival to Fanatec and SHH Shifters?

Laurence Dusoswa FIRST impressions of the VNM Shifter from Vietnam, with bold claims from VNM that it is as good as Fanatec’s shifter… Interesting.

Bold claims like that need to be put to the test, and someone that can do that accurately is Laurence Dusoswa . Having given many reviews on products and simply put into his own words Laurence is not one to hold back on his thoughts with a first impressions video.

Having paid for the product with his own money he gives a full unboxing and talk through in great detail. So the question is…. is it as good as the Fanatec? and is it as good as other competition with the likes of SHH Shifter?

Lets jump into the video and find out.

For more details on the VNM Shifter visit: VNM Simulation Products

For more information on Fanatec and Laurence Dusoswa affiliate link visit: ClubSport Shifter SQ V1.5 | Fanatec