Initial D Toyota AE86 Vs Mazda RX7 Akina

Intial D for many is everything. It has a massive following and Takumi is a legend in touge racing. Featuring the Toyota AE86 & RX7 Scott Burkhart visits Akina.

Taking Assetto Corsa and some inspiration from Initial D with the Toyota AE86 and Mazda RX7. Scott Burkhart takes to Mount Akina to do a test on how good these cars are.
To download Mount Akina visit: Mount Akina 2017 – Assetto Corsa Mods (

Takumi Fujiwara and that famous Toyota AE86

Initial D and Takumi Fujiwara: The Virtual Star of Generation Drift - Influx

keisuke Takahashi RX7

1:24 Mazda RX-7 FD3S A Spec (Initial D) Keisuke Takahashi Model Kit | FUJ-18342 | Fujimi