Automobilista 2 Best Car In Sim Racing

The best cars in sim racing need to be found. Has this hidden gem in Automobilista 2 gone by without anyone noticing? Has GT3 and F1 drowned out what other great cars are available?

After the recent update for Automobilista 2, we have seen some more cars arrive in this sim racing title. With the likes of the Sauber Mercedes C9 and Porsche 962C Group C cars we also see the arrival of the Stock Car 1999 Omega series car. Stock cars have always been a blast, challenging but always fun. Here simracing604 takes this car to the track and gives a full evaluation of a vehicle that is pure fun and a hidden gem amongst all others. Formula 1 and GT3 move aside the fans want some fun.

Automobilista 2 January 2021 Development Update | Reiza Studios Forum