CANCELLED: SIMRACE247 Formula Renault 3.5 series

The first Formula Renault 3.5 Championship started by SIMRACE247 has been cancelled in the wake of an embarrassing Round 1 at Estoril on Friday.

Server issues plagued Round Zero a week earlier, while round two was not an issue it became clear that the mod chosen is inappropriate for beginners let alone veterans of rFactor 2, not only the crashes but atrocious driving standards defy all we stand for in sim racing.

Furthermore, Studio-297’s rFactor 2 is now very tired a sim made by masochists for masochists as our driver Vladislav Zenkov describes it. As the most user-unfriendly online racing platform its survival is inexplicable amid far friendlier and equally immersive racing titles of which iRacing is the forerunner simply because of its highly active 140,000+ community.

rFactor 2 have long ago dropped the ball and the result is that it takes a team of people to admin a race from rules through to race direction which takes up far too much human resources whn on iRacing a few clicks launches you a race event or even a championship for a couple of dollars.

Furthermore, the sale of the platform to Motorsport Games may well end the era of free modding, render it obsolete as they did with the original rFactor as they pursue their future.

SIMRACE247 director Paul Velasco said: “It is with regret that we inform that the series we hosted with Advanced Simulation Modding Group (ASMG) proved to be unacceptable, far too error-strewn and time-consuming on rFactor 2 which is increasingly irrelevant and inappropriate for hassle-free cost-effective sim race organising.”

“We will continue to support the rFactor 2 modding projects of the ASMG team through our media network but will not be involved in any further race organising on the platform that disappoints every time one fires it up.

“Our drivers and team will focus on our iRacing projects which include the Sebring 12 Hours team effort, as well as a concerted four-driver presence in the 2021 Classic Indycar Series. All rFactor 2 driver activities are suspended for the team.

“In closing, thank you to Nick Stepanandko, Vladislav, Zenkoz, Elliot Simpson and all those that put in great time and effort in the first two rounds. However, going through all the remaining rounds will be an even greater waste of time we can ill afford in the constantly changing and evolving sim racing landscape.”

“We cannot promote a product we no longer believe in as it would be a disservice to our readers, pulling out is the right thing to do before the hole gets bigger and more embarrassing.

“We move forward with what we do best and learn to fight another day.”