Formula 1 Automobilista 2 vs Assetto Corsa 2021 Nordschleife

Automobilista 2 and Assetto Corsa are put head to head in 2021. Taking to the track in the Formula 1 Lotus 49 at the Nordschleife let’s go!

Dan SimRacing is back with more great content, pitching Automobilista 2 against Assetto Corsa in 2021. To level the plain field, he will be using the new custom shaders patch and SOL in Assetto Corsa. This legendary Formula 1 car was driven by Jim Clark and Dan gets to grips with it in sim racing and giving a great talk through whilst on track. What are his opinions? and which does he rate as the best?

Either way, to drive this classic F1 car in sim racing is always a winner.

Lotus 49 - a Formula One Car That Changed the Game Forever