Assetto Corsa mods Learning The 360 Drift

More great Assetto Corsa drifting content and mods featuring how to 360 drift. A masterful art that needs some practice. Let’s get to it.

Scott Burkhart is back with his drifting content in Assetto Corsa. His mission is to learn how to drift and explain his journey here for those to learn also. Many in the drifting community are artists and extremely skilful at this style of driving. However, Scott is relentless in wanting to achieve a great drifter status. In this video, he is going for the 360 degree drift, lets see how he gets on.

To download the track and car mods used visit:

VDC Rockingham – VOSAN

Car Packs – VOSAN

Skill, power and precision. The art of drifting.

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