Women In Sim Racing Weekly Blog Yvonne Van Den Berg #7

Women in sim racing continues with our weekly blogs. Yvonne Van den Berg continues with her weekly updates and sim racing shenanigans.

Welcome to my seventh weekly blog! #7 14-04-2021

ERU Prestige SIM Cup

On Monday 12-04-2021 I got an unexpected phone call, that I can drive the ERU Prestige SIM Cup. This SIM Cup is with three Dutch racing drivers, Robert Doornbos, Tom Coronel, and Niels Langeveld! I’m a huge race fan, since 1999 I watch racing on tv, did go-karting myself and also got my racing license in 2009. I follow the sport for a long time, it was an amazing opportunity for me to drive with them!
The first round was at Imola with the Audi RS3 TCR, I never drove with that car before and to be honest I didn’t drive on iRacing for a long time because of the races in ACC.

I started practising Monday evening, as I thought this is going to be a challenge! I finished the first race at place 16 and the second race at place 11! I’m pretty happy about the results!!
The next race will be at Suzuka on 11-05-2021, this is good and I have time to practice for it!! I’m really looking forward to the next race!

Qualifying events

This week I’m driving two qualifying events;
The Sim Grid Endurance Cup
The Sim Grid More Female Racers by Thrustmaster Rockets
For the Endurance cup, I need to drive with the Lexus at Nurburgring. For the MFR S3, I need to drive with the Lamborghini Super Trofeo at Monza. I have to drive really fast and need a lot of practice for that.

RCI Monza 8h

On Saturday 17-04-2021 I drive together with Sarah Johnson and Eris Aphelion! We are going to drive with the Bentley in the Silver category. I’m really looking forward to this race.
I will tell you, all about it in the next blog.

A new challenge

On Sunday 18-04-2021, I’m going to give commentary on an online race. This is my first time and I’m really excited about it. I love to talk and sim racing, I think this is also a good fit for me. Hopefully, when it’s going good, I can do this more!

Upcoming races:

16-04-2021: The Sim Grid Daily Race from Theamusante Community at Zolder
17-04-2021: RCI 8h at Monza with GTWR Female Racing Team
19-04-2021: The Sim Grid More Female Racers Season 3, end of qualifying and meet and greet event.
GTWR Female Racing #5

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