Welcoming IRG World as a Partner with simrace247.com

Welcoming IRG World as a Partner with simrace247.com is another great step for us in the sim racing community.

We at simrace247.com believe in supporting the community in a different way. Our network reaches many people in the community with great expanse and exposure on a different level. It is with great pleasure to announce that IRG World has partnered with us to support their leagues and more.

Editor of simrace247.com Darren Buckner said “Recognition of great racing leagues in the community must be supported in the right way, we fully commit to back those who are on our wave length and understanding. Working closely with our partners is essential to the success and development from both sides”.

Darren goes on to mention “We are partnered with some great racing leagues out there that understand our ethos and direction. Welcoming IRG World is a great step for us as the IRG community is a great foundation of racers and so much more”. With their races being aired on Motogames tv, a great service for IRG to be televised on that goes to show the strength of the IRG World community.

To find out more about this exciting league visit:

IRG World – liga rFactor 2 – polski simracing (irg-world.com)

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