Formula 1 Thrustmaster SF1000 Sim Racing Wheel

We all have sim racing equipment and the wheel is one of the centrepieces of your setup. Here we see the new Formula 1 Thrustmaster SF1000 sim racing wheel.

Like all sim racers, the equipment we own is something we work hard for and to enjoy. Most of us can say we are also happy to own such peripherals (although we would want better). Many manufacturers out there provide us with so much in the sim racing community to choose from. But have you ever wondered how it all works or what controls the equipment?

Here Driver61 goes into detail about what is inside a sim racing wheelbase and how it all works. Explaining all the details that replicate real world driving/racing in a great video for the community.

The Thrustmaster Ferrari SF1000

Ferrari SF1000 (2020) Steering Wheel – Amalgam Collection

World Premiere: Clear and Intuitive Interactive Race Dash

This replica features a 4.3” / 109 mm interactive screen along with 21 LEDs, natively connected or wirelessly connected (via Wi-Fi). The screen allows for the display of up to 69 items of information, with different designs for the type of game being played or car being driven. The LED display is composed of 15 LEDs for engine speed, and 6 LEDs for marshal flags.

For the wheel’s launch, Thrustmaster has introduced native integration of the screen in the game F1® 2020 from Codemasters on PS4™, PS5™ and PC. Xbox One® and Xbox Series X|S® users can enjoy the screen in the game thanks to the wireless telemetry connectivity by configuring the wheel via the Thrustmaster TM Connect Web platform**.

Interchangeable Paddle Shifters

(sold separately)

The Formula Wheel Add-On Ferrari SF1000 Edition is one of the most versatile wheels ever designed for sim racing, thanks in part to the ability to swap out its main rear paddle shifters. For even smoother gear shifting (bounce time of less than 5 milliseconds), the T-Chrono Paddles paddle shifters (sold separately) are a great alternative providing a different feeling that could help some drivers to shave valuable milliseconds off lap times.

The magnetic transmission made possible by these alternative paddle shifters, which include gold-plated silver contact switches, ensures even lower contact resistance and provides a super-responsive gear shifting feel that is completely unrivalled.

Become Charles Leclerc with Thrustmaster's new Ferrari SF1000 wheel | Traxion

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