Women In Sim Racing Weekly Blog #9

Following the weekly blogs for women in sim racing, Yvonne Van Den Berg has been keeping the community posted here at simrace247.com.

We see Yvonne back with more information in blog #9 29/04/21

Welcome to my ninth weekly blog!!

More Female Racers

The MFR S3 started with the first race at Zolder.
I’m driving the MFR series as a co-driver with Eris Aphelion.
GTWR Female Racing #5 had an eventful race.
Eris is the female driver and needs to do the qualifying, start the race and also finish the race. I’m only allowed to drive one stint for a maximum 23 minutes.
Eris qualified really well, 4th in our class and 12th overall!
I was surprised about this result, I’m very proud of Eris!
The race start was chaotic, lots of cars crashing and in the third corner also we crashed, we had damage repair for 3 minutes and 30 seconds. We did the repair and also swap drivers. In Assetto Corsa Competizione, when you drive a drive through it will reset the driver time. Eris drove the drive through 10 minutes before the end of the race, we still ended up P22 and 10th in Silver class. It could be a lot worse!

RCI Diamond Drive Cup

The DDC at Spa Francorchamps was a good solid race.
I didn’t have time to practice for this race, my first laps with the Bentley were in the official practice. I ended the race at P6 overall and P3 in Silver Class. Sarah Johnson’s race was eventful, but the results put us in second place in the team standings for now! The next race is going to be at Misano and I’m really looking forward to that race! Misano is one of my favorite tracks!!

Special things

Some special things are coming up..
I hope to announce it next week!
Also, I’ve got a sim racing photo shoot on Friday morning.
I can’t wait to see the results, hopefully, they are good.
I’m not that model type, just sportive, but I’m curious and I will share the results when I have them!!

Upcoming races:

01-05-2021: The Sim Grid Endurance Cup Round 1 @ Hungaroring | GTWR Female Racing | Together with Alethea Boucq and Sarah Johnson in the Boatley (Bentley)!!
05-05-2021 : RCI Diamond Drive Cup Round 2 @ Misano
06-05-2021: The Sim Grid Sprint Cup Round 5 @ Zolder

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