Simplicity SW20 V3 User Review

Is the Simplicity SW20 V3 the best pound for pound direct drive wheel? A straight to the point question and only one person can hit hard with the facts.

Yes, Laurence Dusoswa gets straight to the point of the Simplicity SW20 V3 with the standard you would expect. Top notch talk throughs full of details ranging from quality, pricing, and much more. Presented in this well put together user review, Laurence gives his own points of view. So the burning questions are, how does it compare to other direct drive wheelbases? Is it worth the money? is the build quality top draw? Let’s find out shall we?

Laurence Dusoswa - YouTubeTo read the full review on the Simplicity SW20 V3 visit: Simplicity SW20 Review 2021 – Laurence Dusoswa