New Content Manager update & CSP Rain Edition 1.74

The new content manager update and CSP rain edition 1.74 are covered here in a review on Assetto Corsa.

Covering the new features and fixes SirSpats Gaming details all the new changes for Assetto Corsa. But there is also more, new rain effects, and experimental physics. Assetto Corsa with all of these mods and creations just keeps on giving. It raises the bar yet again with what can be achieved in a sim when the open book policy can be implemented without restrictions.

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Ilja Jusupov (X4FAB)  CSP Ilja Jusupov aka x4fab is creating mods for Assetto Corsa racing simulator | Patreon

Peter Boese  SOL Peter Boese is creating Sol, a weatherFX mod for Assetto Corsa / CSP. | Patreon

Custom Shader Patch/Content Manager Custom Shaders Patch (

Sol 2.0.2 Sol | RaceDepartment

Outstanding imagery and art

New sky in SOL 1.6 looks so good : assettocorsa