rFactor2 MNRL 1971 World Sportscar Championship Spa

The rFactor2 MNRL 1971 World Sportscar Championship at Spa is fast approaching. This great series can be viewed and supported by checking the details provided.

Join us at CMS for incredible multi-class (Pro, Am & Purist) short-format endurance racing with the custom built WSC 1971 mod. Live weather, big grids, and close competition regardless of skill level. No other series has so faithfully recreated the incredible feel of these historic cars, running at the real historical venues. They are BEASTS to handle but also accessible and beautifully balanced. Special thanks to Apex Modding, Chief Wiggum, and Crossply for making this series possible.

Spend time with one of the most open and accessible sim communities in the world for some great action. MNRL runs Tuesday nights, accessible to most American time zones.

or visit online: https://cmsracing.com

Live Stream: https://youtu.be/yin7o4c_0bc

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