Free Roam Assetto Corsa Mod vs RED Bull X2010

Take the longest free roam layout in Assetto Corsa and get behind the wheel of the Red Bull X2010. A great idea that can only go one way right?.

Some things in sim racing are made to challenge. Like these mods in this video, That Sim Racing Bloke attempts to drive the Red Bull X2010 at full pace on the Shutoko Expressway. We all know that the high speed runs of the Wangan are extremely dangerous, but to take this car to it will test the greatest of drivers.

To some, the road is their race track

Rainbow Bridge - Gallery | shutoko | Metropolitan Expressway Company  Limited.

To download these mods visit:

Shutoko Revival Project  SRP MAIN_0.9.1_OFFICIAL.7z – Google Drive

Shutoko Traffic Addon Traffic Addon for Shutoko Revival Project Beta v0.9 | RaceDepartment

Red Bull X2010 RedBull X2010 | RaceDepartment