Assetto Corsa Best Free Tuning Guide

Assetto Corsa is one of those fine sim racing titles that is popular amongst the masses. However, are you tuning your car properly to maximize your potential?

Enjoying your sim racing is something the user should first and foremost do, but what if you want to push yourself to become faster and competitive but have no idea how to tune/set up your car? You see all these adjustments options, aero, camber, brakes…what do I adjust and how does it affect the car? Well, you are in luck because Laurence Dusoswa is here to give a great explanation and talk through video to get you through the setup/tuning aspects. This is a very good video because it is explained in step by step stages rather than “here are all the details just copy”

Understanding the car you drive in sim racing whether it be for a cruise, drifting or racing is very important. There is nothing quite like a well setup car tailored to your driving style. Once you find that sweet spot everything comes together to really enjoy.


To find out about the apps mentioned visit:
Sidekick: Sidekick

Camber Extravaganza: Camber Extravaganza | RaceDepartment

To download the information procedure by Laurence visit: Assetto Corsa Setup Tuning Guide – Laurence Dusoswa

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