IRG World V8 Supercars rFactor 2 Hampton Event 16/05/21

IRG World continues with its top class racing in rFactor 2. The V8 Supercars power on to round 4 at Hampton with the race event happening this weekend 16/05/21

IRG World hosts some of the best racing in the sim racing community for rFactor 2. Their strong community and pristine organization are well worth visiting. If you want to sign up for the racing or simply tune in to some great events, they are well worth checking out. With their streams being aired on MotoGamesTV, we get a full race build up and history from those at IRG world for the race at Hampton.

IRG World build up comments

This relatively young facility was first built in the minds of two motorsport enthusiasts. When friends Tony Roberts and Chris Watson bought two farms next door in 2003, they had no idea how many obstacles there were. Struggles with the administrators of adjacent areas, incl. the deportation of the prison system or concerns about littering the area, although there is still an open garbage dump 2 km next door.

These are only the main problems that, apart from the vagaries of weather, delayed the fulfillment of dreams about their own race track. Years later, it was possible thanks to the connection with the area of ​​the construction track of the single-family houses, although many people knocked their heads, 80 apartments were sold within 5 weeks and funds were obtained for the completion of the work. The success was finally announced in 2010 when Hamptons Downs Motorsport Park was officially opened by the Mayor of Waikato.

After 2015, the track was renovated and is probably one of the most technologically advanced facilities in the world to this day, the system for controlling start lights, track flags, pitlane speed maintenance, Mylaps synchronization, and even monitoring of ambient sounds sets the canon of full safety control. Hampton Downs has become the local mecca of motorsport because it does not have to share the land with Horses like Pukekohe, but with those traditionally driven by oats and water.

Now with that said let’s build up to the race and the glorious sound of roaring V8 supercars

Current calendar for the V8 Supercars and standings pre event

Race Weekend:
Sunday – UTC+1 time of the schedule (21:00 in Warsaw, Berlin)
20:00 Practice session
21:00 Qualify 1 (10 minutes) (6 laps)
21:10 Warmup (5-10 minutes)
21:15 (21:20) Race 1 (40 minutes)

22:00 Qualify 2 (10 minutes) (6 laps)
22:10 Warmup (5-10 minutes)
22:15 (21:20) Race 2 (40 minutes)
23:00 Weekend finish
UTC+1 time of the schedule

Visit MotoGamesTV for live coverage of the event 16/05/21

To keep up to date with IRG World events visit : IRG World

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