Oversteer in sim racing what is it? How to fix guide.

Oversteer is one of those things that needs to be addressed in sim racing. Here we have more top tips and guides to fix it.

Why is the back of the car pushing out in a corner? Why is the front end turning in too quickly…the car is all over the place. Well, that is oversteer in a simple term. Luckily Track Titan is here to go into detail on how to resolve this and maximize your car craft for future racing. Following on from their understeer video, we now see the two differences between understeer and oversteer.

It does not matter what vehicle you drive in, whether it’s a Formula 1 car or a go kart, understeer and oversteer affects all types of vehicles. Once again more top tips from Track Titan.

Oversteer vs Understeer: The Differences

Now that we know what is, you should now have a better idea of how to control the car better. As we mentioned it happen in any vehicle, oversteer is the same in any car, bike and more. Take out your favorite car in a sim and have some fun. See if you can put the theory of what you have learned to practice.

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