iRacing Indy 500: Ladies & Gentlemen start your engines

Only the greatest drivers in the history of motorsport have taken the checkered flag in the famed Indianapolis 500.

Now’s for the thrill of the World’s Greatest Race – the virtual version -on iRacing using the Dallara IR18!

Drivers will be split into grids of 33 cars, over 10,000 drivers from around the world will take to the virtual iconic yard of bricks first. With a fixed setup for all cars, this is one race where driver talent truly makes all the difference.

Among the iRacers from all corners of the globe, look out for real and former Indycar drivers who will also partake in the IndyCar sanctioned sim racing event.

Full event details are below:

iRacing Presents The Indianapolis 500

Known as “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing,” the Indy 500 is one of the most prestigious race events in the world, held since 1911 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It is part of the NTT IndyCar Series in the United States.

  • Time Slots: Saturday 1:00, 13:00, 17:00 GMT, Sunday 13:00 GMT
  • License Restrictions: Oval D 4.0 and up
  • Cars Competing: Dallara IR-18
  • Event Format: 120 minutes open practice, unattached 4 lap qualifying, 15 minutes warmup, 200 lap race
  • Date: May 15th-16th
  • Start Timeslot #1 – Saturday 01:00 GMT
  • Start Timeslot #2 – Saturday 13:00 GMT
  • Start Timeslot #3 – Saturday 17:00 GMT
  • Start Timeslot #4 – Sunday 13:00 GMT
  • Track: Indianapolis Motor Speedway – IndyCar Oval
  • License – D 4.0 Oval
  • Sim Date (Time of Day Setting): May 30, 2021 12:45 pm
  • Setups: FIXED
  • Qualifying: Separate: 4 lap average
  • Splits By: Qualifying Time
  • Warmup: 15 Minutes
  • Race: 200 Laps

Driver information as supplied on the special events iRacing forum:

License requirements
Class C Oval (D4.0+). Even if you are a D class licensed driver if your SR is 4.0 or above you can join this event.

Do I have to qualify?
No, you can simply join any of the four-race servers and you will be placed with other non-qualifiers based on iRating (like normal races).

How do I qualify?
Qualifying sessions go off every hour at 30 minutes past the hour (12:30, 1:30, 2:30, etc). Each qualifying session consists of four timed laps with no incidents (even a 0x will invalidate a run). You have just enough fuel to complete the qualifying run. Your qualifying run begins as soon as you cross the start/finish line.

How does qualifying work?
You can qualify once or as many times as you want (or not at all like explained above). Only your best four-lap average counts. The qualifying sessions will continue all week until ending with the last opportunity 90 minutes before the first race (23:50GMT Friday, May 14, 2020).

How do I join a qualifying session?
From the link above, each qualifying session will be available to join around 30 minutes before the session goes off. So let’s say a qualifying session is going off at 12:30, at 12:00 the session at 12:30 should turn red allowing you to join it just after 30 minutes prior. From there it will say “Preparing session…” in the top right corner of the page.

How many cars per split?
33 per split, but this depends on how many drivers sign up for each race. Splits will be done as evenly as possible so it could be less than 33 per split.

You must use both access lanes on exit but you can pit off turn 4. There is a cone on the exit that you must adhere to. The cone on entry is further down pit road than the NASCAR layout

How do I join one of the four races?
Roughly 30 minutes before each race server launches (same as qualifying servers) participants will be able to join the race servers. As in qualifying, the session won’t actually launch until the time of the race. You will then have a 15-minute warmup prior to the race beginning.

Does iRating and SR count?
Yes! It counts in all qualifying sessions as well as warmup and the race, same as any other official race/qualifying session.

Can I race one or all four races?

Are there any adjustments to the car that can be made on the fixed Indy 500?
Yes! You have three available adjustments that are unrelated to the handling of the car. You can adjust the steering ratio, steering offset and brake bias. You also have in-car controls that change the balance/handling- Anti Roll Bars (ARBs) front and rear and Weight Jacker (WJ- which you can set under Controls in Options with the “Right Spring Set”). There are adjustable fuel maps as well.

What do the in-car adjustments do?

The weight jacker is a tool that adjusts the cross weight of the car which makes the car looser or tighter. If you go up the car will feel looser, if you go down it is tighter. I prefer to use the anti-roll bar because with a higher than usual weight jacker, the corner exit can be pretty sketchy. Here is how the ARBs work.

  • Upfront ARB- Tighter
  • Down front ARB- Looser
  • Up rear ARB- Looser
  • Down rear ARB- Tighter

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