Painting Liveries Custom Skins In rFactor 2 Guide Video


So you are looking for how to do custom skins or paint liveries in rFactor 2? Well, you have come to the right place.

You jump into your favorite car in rFactor 2 and see that the liveries on offer in game are not to your taste or style. If only I could find a guide on how to paint custom liveries. Thankfully, Tnadz Racing has created this very useful guide on how to do just that. Takes notes, get creative, enjoy your racing.

We see many creative people in the sim racing community. Some do not even race, they create liveries, tune or build fantastic mods. This is one of the upsides to sim racing as many think it is just driving. Once you get into sim racing it can be hard to stop. The racer always wants to be faster, the artist always creates skins and the tuner will always be adjusting setups. Did we mention the mod community?…maybe next time. Have fun out there creating.

Time to get creative

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