GT Omega Titan Cockpit Review

The GT Omega Titan Cockpit is a great option to look at when choosing a sim rig cockpit. Is it right for you? Let’s find out in a user review.

We know that GT Omega makes great equipment for sim racing, whilst many companies are producing equipment and wanting you to purchase, GT Omega has proven their price to performance is well worth looking at. We know that the price range of sim racing equipment can go from minimum to astronomical ( see Most expensive Sim Rigs In The World), however, if you are new to sim racing or an enthusiast looking to take it more seriously this is the video for you.

In this user review video from The Sim Channel, we get a great review of the GT Omega Titan Cockpit. Discussing and showing how good or not it is, this video covers all bases. Ranging from pricing, size, flex and much more this video is a great detailed review of the GT Omega Titan.

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Titan Cockpit

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