IRG World V8 Supercars rFactor 2 Adelaide Event 30/05/21

IRG World continues with its top class racing in rFactor 2. The V8 Supercars power on to round 5 at Adelaide with the race event happening this weekend 30/05/21

IRG World hosts some of the best racing in the sim racing community for rFactor 2. Their great community and thorough organization are well worth visiting. If you want to sign up for the racing or simply tune in to some great events, they are well worth checking out. With their streams being aired on MotoGamesTV, we get a full race build up and history from those at IRG world for the race at Adelaide.

As usual, IRG like to give some history and build up to their race weekend

Adelaide City Circuit is a temporary street circuit around the Adelaide Parklands business district. The Supercars series has been hosted here since 1999-2020, the most famous competition is the Adelaide 500, played mostly as 2x 250 km races. IRG started racing the Adelaide track 5 years ago in the IRG GT 2016 series, back then I was a commentator, a lot happened. 😀
In the Supercars version, on average dividing 250 km by 3.205m gives us 77 laps, in the IRG version it will be less – 30-31 laps, so you can say that it will be a “walk in the park”. But let the drivers not forget to train before the race to get to know better with this difficult track. The arena of the previous round of the IRG V8 series was an ultra-modern track in New Zealand and 8 drivers again had a lot of fight and fun. Some were unlucky, others were lucky.

The roar of V8 engines through the streets of Adelaide

Current standings and calendar

Tune in for the race weekend

Race Weekend:
Sunday – UTC+1 time of the schedule (21:00 in Warsaw, Berlin)
20:00 Practice session
21:00 Qualify 1 (10 minutes) (6 laps)
21:10 Warmup (5-10 minutes)
21:15 (21:20) Race 1 (40 minutes)

22:00 Qualify 2 (10 minutes) (6 laps)
22:10 Warmup (5-10 minutes)
22:15 (21:20) Race 2 (40 minutes)
23:00 Weekend finish
UTC+1 time of the schedule

Visit MotoGamesTV for live coverage of the event 30/05/21

To keep up to date with IRG World events visit: IRG World

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