Logitech Wheel Rattle Is It A Issue?

You have a noisy Logitech wheel with a nasty rattle or chatter. Is it broken or is this normal I hear you ask. Let’s find out in this quick fire video.

You may be new to sim racing and have just purchased a new Logitech wheel with your hard earnt cash. Firstly…welcome to sim racing, now on to the topic, you plug in your wheel and start to hear a nasty rattle or clunking sound. The first thing you think is, is it broken or damaged…surely this is not normal. Thankfully we have great people in the sim racing community that are here to provide useful information.

In this video by Sim Racing Corner we get to find out if the noise is normal or not. With that being mentioned he also plays an audio recording of the sound so you can identify if it is the same issue you have. We know that sometimes the issue could be something else, but this should clarify for the viewer and consumer.

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