Fanatec The Dominant Name In Sim Racing

Fanatec is a name that people know very well in the sim racing genre. Many at some point will own or wish to buy their equipment.

Fanatec is a huge company that is renowned for high-quality products that reach out to everyone in the sim racing genre. You will see their logos in sim racing games, real-world motorsport, your favourite streamer more than likely uses their equipment etc. They are that brand you want to own or have purchased their equipment,  pricing, to be honest, is that “not cheap but worth it bracket”.

You will buy some of their equipment, although the price is fairly high, you will feel satisfied with your purchase and feel money is well spent. You see that’s the thing with Fanatec, they make products that make you spend that little bit more but make you feel it was worth it. Although not everyone is a fan of their products you cannot argue at their price to performance.

Speak to most sim racers that own Logitech or Thrustmaster equipment and ask what they would want to upgrade to, I would say 7 out of 10 would say Fanatec. In this video, by OC Racing we see the rise of the Dominant brand in sim racing.

To view or purchase Fanatec equipment visit: Fanatec Fanatec on Twitter: "PS5 compatibility approved! 😍… "

Always moving forward with new and consumer friendly ideas, Fanatec have the finger on the pulse

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